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PLEASE NOTE: Due to new Ministry Legislation, we cannot accept any child that is not yet 4 years of age at time of camp

Please call us at 905 702-1203 to clarify

Overview of what to expect when you click on the link:

  • The link takes you to a Log-in page with the Inkwell Montessori logo on it.
  • If this is your first time enrolling with us, click on the ‘Register’ link in the upper right corner of the log-in box to create your log-inĀ  account. (If you have registered previously you can simply log in with your account id and password.)
    • When you’ve completed the registration fields or steps, the site will instantly email you your account information, including your password
  • Using your account information, log-in to begin the enrolment steps
  • Enter your details for enrolment (your contact info, child’s/children’s name(s), age(s), etcetera)
  • The last step of enrolment will be the payment step. This is very important for securing your child’s place as some weeks do fill up quite quickly.
  • The payment ‘engine’ is provided by PayPal, with all of the security and encryption that goes with PayPal. For more information regarding the security of PayPal, please visit the PayPal website: PayPal Security
  • Your payment information is handled, secured and encrypted through PayPal – not through Inkwell Montessori, Georgetown Art Express, or Osnium (our web host company).
  • Your registration information is for our own business purposes ONLY. It is not shared in any format with any other organization.
  • If you have questions or concerns, please call us at 905-702-1203 or email us at GeorgetownArtExpress@gmail.com